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Tenant Broker Services

Are You After A Cost Neutral Service?

We are just as happy to work as an exclusive tenant broker if you wish. You will gain to benefit every step of the way except, without incurring ANY transaction costs. All we ask for is exclusivity at the beginning of the chosen premises assignment, so we can work pro-actively and in your best interests.

What And How Does It Work?

As tenant brokers we act exclusively for you to locate the best commercial premises available. It's almost identical to how an insurance broker handles an insurance enquiry. We leverage your requirements to the general real estate community and then cherry pick the best deals based on suitability and value for money.

As tenant brokers we provide you with an analysis of current real estate market conditions, inform you about space availability, and negotiate favourable lease terms with a landlord.

As a tenant broker we give you objective advice, since our commission isn't directly tied to a particular property. In addition, by working with us you'll let the landlord know you're seriously looking at multiple leasing opportunities. This always makes a landlord more competitive and willing to negotiate favourable lease terms.

Quite simply, we split the fee with the commercial leasing agent representing a property. At Maunsell Property Consultants, we do not represent properties to eliminate any conflicts of interest.

This employment method, has become very popular post GFC, as its cost neutral. We act as a buffer zone, and protect you from persistent and unsolicited individuals, allowing you to negotiate in your own time frame.