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Telegraph MirrorThe idea for Maunsell Property Consultants didn't happen overnight. After more than ten years working as high as Head of Commercial Leasing at Richard Ellis (now CBRE), I saw too many companies being pressured into poor deals that lead to miserable outcomes.

I wanted to help them achieve what they wanted to in a lease transaction. I wanted to help companies work in a satisfying place as cheaply as possible. This would become my raison d'etre. So I took a risk and became Sydney's first tenant representative as no-one was independently supporting tenant interests.

My original instinct proved me right. Eighteen months in we were making a few headlines and knew we were on the right track. There's a lot at stake when companies decide to find and lease commercial property. Sure time and money are the obvious factors, but there's a hidden element called stress. We take care of these worries.

Mitigating risks and acting as devil's advocate, is at the heart of representing our clients interests. This means that our tenants are more aware of the negatives, as well as the positives, on any given premises and deal.

We ask questions that tenants don’t know how to ask, so when going into an agreement with our support they have their eyes wide open.I'm looking forward to showing you what we can bring to the table for you.

Tim Maunsell

The Fixer